What are virtual challenges?

What are virtual challenges and how can they benefit you?

Next month we’ll be hosting our Marathon March virtual challenge and are encouraging as many people as possible to take part. But what actually is a virtual challenge? How does it work and why might it benefit you?

The idea of a virtual challenge is that you have a set goal which you complete over a certain amount of time. Take Marathon March as an example – we’re challenging you to walk a mile a day throughout the month of March. You’re encouraged to set up a fundraising page for the challenge and collect sponsorship throughout, updating your page regularly with your progress.

So why choose to take part in a virtual event?

No geographical constraints

The great thing about a virtual challenge is that you can take part from wherever you are in the world. The community is online so if you live in Orkney or Shetland, you can still have the sense of community that you would from a live event. The online community is great for keeping your motivation up with participants posting their progress and encouraging others who may be struggling.

No time constraints

Another benefit of a virtual challenge is the time element. In a traditional live event, there is a specific date and time you have to be there. A virtual challenge is good at working to your schedule. It’s easy enough to fit around your commitments and responsibilities, so you can fit it in around your busy life.

Health boost

We all know that taking a walk in the fresh air does wonders for both our mental and physical health. It can sometimes be hard when it’s still a bit cold and a bit grey to get out and moving so why not join a virtual challenge to help get you motivated! The fundraising team will be there throughout to cheer you on and get you moving. Check out the NHS website on how walking a mile a day can help boost your health.

For the cause

A virtual challenge is a great way of raising money. At The Archie Foundation, all money raised whether it’s £5 or £500,Archies Marathon March with a love heart written in the sand goes towards big impact and we’re grateful for all of it. If you raise £20 through your virtual challenge, this could go towards an overnight stay for a family in the family centre at Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital. This is effectively a small hotel right next to the children’s ward, meaning that kiddies staying overnight in hospital can have their parents next door, just like at home.

So, fancy giving a virtual challenge a go? Sign up to Marathon March now and join us to help babies, children and their families when they need it most. We can’t wait to welcome you to the team.



What are virtual challenges?