We are very fortunate to receive regular, extremely generous donations of beautifully hand-crafted items. Knitting, crocheting, quilting and numerous other handicrafts. Crafty folks – we are in awe of your skills!

We currently have high volume of most items and we need to work through these before we can take further donations. With the exception of the items listed below, please do not send goods without checking with us first as we are extremely tight on storage space.

Currently we require:

 Click on the link for more information about Worry Monsters and how to make them!


  Could you knit a toy for a newborn baby?

Baby toys are hugely appreciated by the families and staff at the maternity hospitals we support. Please ensure baby toys are tightly knitted, using soft wool. Please do not sew on buttons or any other add-ons as these could present a choking hazard. The more love you can knit into baby toys the better!


Thank you so much for caring.