Bringing Life To Aberdeen


“Bringing Life to Aberdeen” chronicles the history and development of midwifery and maternity services since their inception in Aberdeen.

Alongside that, the story of specialist neonatal services is also told as well as that of institutions which arose to serve mothers and their babies.

The book contains images and pictures, many taken from historic documents, manuscripts, maps and journal excerpts from the last few centuries. Additionally, it offers stories told by women who have used the services.

There have been many important contributions made to obstetrics and midwifery in bygone times by individuals working in Aberdeen.

Some have been underserved by the recognition and acclaim afforded them and this book attempts to redress that shortfall; but for others it celebrates their universal influence and impact.

Chief amongst them is Professor Sir Dugald Baird, who gives his name to a new hospital dedicated to the care of women and their babies in North East Scotland. As a new hospital – The Baird Family Hospital – is built to replace Aberdeen Maternity Hospital; “Bringing Life To Aberdeen” celebrates Aberdeen’s past and looks forward to the future.

Thanks to generous support, all proceeds from purchases of “Bringing Life To Aberdeen” made through this site will be donated to The Archie Foundation’s Baird Appeal.