Mary Nimmo

Mary was appointed as a trustee in 2018. She joined Team Archie in 2017, when she took up the the role of Chair of the Archie Highland & Islands Fundraising Committee, a role which she continues to hold and which she adores.

Mary is Senior Partner at Munro & Noble Solicitors, Estate Agents and Financial Services and is Child Welfare Reporter to the Scottish Court Services.

One of Mary’s earliest childhood memories is of being seriously unwell in the Children’s Unit at Raigmore. She recalls the experience in vivid detail, despite being very young, and remembers being terrified and alone most of the time. In more recent times she watched the amazing work that The Archie Foundation were able to achieve in supporting a relative and close friend of mine. This inspired her to get involved in supporting the charity and she remains committed to protecting and driving the charity forwards.

Mary is married to husband William and mum to two Labradors, Cooper & Kai.