Team Police! 


Say hello to our 2022 Battle of the Badges Team Fire Mascots and Players!

All of our amazing mascots have been supported by The Archie Foundation through NHS Grampian or Dr Grays in Elgin. They can’t wait to see their players battle it out! 🔥👮

We’d love it if you took the time to read why both mascots and players are taking part in the special event!

Read their stories below! ❤️


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Our Mascots and Players! 


Jessica Ritchie, Taylor Murdoch and TEAM CAPTAIN Ryan Rozanski 




Jessica was due to be a mascot this year, but sadly didn’t get to due to Covid. She is really excited to be partnered up with the Team Captain of Police, Ryan and can’t wait to be part of such a special day.



Taylor a fun loving, caring, happy, content little boy. He loves nothing more than the great outdoors full of adventures whether that be a cycle, walk, swim, football or in fact anything Taylor will give it a bash. Taylor also has a passion for tractors and lorries, particularly the drivers at Doug Mitchell, he is often found having a shot in the hot seat or busy helping to keep them shining. Great company, loves spending time with his family and friends, such a people person.

Taylor wanted to take part in the battle of the badges to give something back to The Archie Foundation after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost two years ago. During Taylor’s hospital stay and ongoing hospital trips The Archie Foundation was and are a huge support to Taylor and his family. Diabetes has not held Taylor back and he has embraced it well taking it all in his stride, adding to his laid back nature. Diabetes is a life long illness however we have learnt to live with it and what ever your goal is, you can achieve it together we take on diabetes.

Taylor looks forward to the football match, team police!



Ryan is a Police Constable and Team Police Captain. Ryan told us, “I have taken part in Battle of the Badges every year. As much as we all enjoy the match, the big winner is The Archie Foundation and being able to fundraise and support the great work they do for local sick kids and their families. I am looking forward to walking out on the day with my mascot Jessica and having all the mascots and fans back in the stadium this year!”


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Jacob Shaw and Scott Coutts



Jacob is a big football lover, who also enjoys taking on a role of a little comedian for his family and friends. The Archie Foundation have been a huge support to his family over the last 10 years and Jacob is so excited to participate in this great event.



Scott has been in the Police for two years. This will be his first Battle of the Badges. Scott said, “I am really looking forward to sharing the experience of the event along with all of the mascots and hopefully beating Team Fire!”


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Cameron Marr and Frazer Hall



Cameron is a big football enthusiast, who plays for Formartine 2013s. Cameron wants to participate in the Battle of the Badges to raise awareness for serious food allergies and to raise money for The Archie Foundation and Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital. Over the eight years of Cameron’s life he had numerous ambulance trips to A&E, HDU, had many hospital challenges and appointments. The Archie Foundation and RACH have helped and supported us through this challenging times. In Cameron’s own words “Technically they have saved my life!”



Frazer has been in the Police for almost six years and has been involved with Battle of the Badges since the very beginning. Frazer said, “Hopefully we can raise lots of money for a good cause.”



Cameron Rothwell and Grant West 



Cameron is a big football fan, he also enjoys playing on his switch and listening to music. He wants to participate in the Battle of the Badgers because he thinks The Archie Foundation do a great job (especially his auntie Tiffeny!) and it sounds like good fun! When Cameron was born he had to spend some time in neo-natal care and his parents have used this chance to tell him what happened then and give him a better understanding of what The Archie Foundation dose and how it supports families.


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Riley Stirton and Morgan Reid 




Riley loves football and everything about it. He has great memory and can tell you all the scores across all different leagues and all the teams places in their leagues.  He really wanted to be a part of the event and be a part of the fundraising team.



I am Morgan, I am 23 years old. I grew up in Stirling, where I started playing football since I was 4 years old. When I was 19 years old I moved to Aberdeen and continued to play amateur football. I play central midfield, defensive and attacking. I first made my Battle of the Badges debut in 2019, winning with Team Police. I participate in the Battle of the Badges as it is a great event supporting a fantastic charity.


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Alec and Darren Brown and Jesse Rodgers 



Darren and Alec both wanted to be mascots because they love watching their mum play football at The Balmoral Stadium and both are huge fans of the police and fire services. Their mum also thought it would be a great memorable experience for them both.

Darren is a really clumsy boy, who had three A&E trips in the space of six months from bumps. He now has a nice collection of four scars on his face from this!



Alec is the foody of the house and if he is gone quite, you will find him in the kitchen eating the contents of the cupboard. He would also try and eat anything that is put in front of him, flour paint and playdough seem to be his favourite.



Jesse works in the CID branch of Police Scotland. He has been a Police Officer for over seven years. Jesse told us, “I’ve taken part in Battle of the Badges every year since it’s inception in 2018. This event helps to fundraise towards the most worthy of causes – beating Team Fire at football is just a bonus!”


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Josh Moir and Jason King 




Josh was keen to be part of the event as has become more aware of the charity and the work it does since being diagnosed with bowel disease and spending a bit of time in Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital over the past 18 months. He has been lucky enough to have received items from the Archie Toy Box on a few occasions and his idea behind fundraising was to help raise money to put toys back for other children to benefit from.



Jason has been a police officer for nearly five years, working in the Peterhead area and have participated in Battle of the Badges for the last two years. He has been a goalkeeper since he was seven years old and before joining the Police, played for Forfar Athletic Football Club.


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Luca Youngson and Steven McDonald 




Luca is 15, three years ago he was diagnosed with untreatable brain avm after suffering ischemic stroke. Luca’s mum told us, “Luca had brain surgery last year in Great Ormond Street to try to prevent another stroke. Sadly we had just lost my dad 4 days prior to surgery and The Archie Foundation helped us more than they’ll ever know. Since then we have wanted to do something to say thank you to the charity because without them it would have been impossible for us both to stay by his bedside. When Luca heard about the match and mascot opportunity he was so excited. Before his diagnosis he loved football but his avm now prevents him from being able to play. A huge devastation to him as 12 year old boy. So he felt this would be the perfect way to be part of the game and raise money for an amazing charity close to our hearts. Luca also loves swimming, gaming, travelling, music and MMA. After his brain surgery Luca became quite the star being tweeted by Connor Mcgregor and other celebrities. He was in news articles all over the world too and became a celebrity at school too.”



Steven is a Detective Inspector for Police Scotland and has15 years’ service. Steven said, “I am a husband and dad of three kids which keeps me very busy and even though I’m creeping up on 40, I still love a kick around and take great joy in watching my boy play football. I’ve been involved in every Battle of the Badges to date and looking forward to hopefully getting the trophy back!”


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Fraser Tawse and John Chalmers




Fraser is really excited to be a mascot as he wants to give something back to The Archie Foundation. Both him and his big brother (and their parents!) have been both supported by the Neo-Natal unit and Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital in their early years so decided to try and give something back! Fraser and his brother both asked for donations instead of presents for birthdays, and their Mum (not a huge fan of heights) did abseiling down the Hospital wall a few years back dressed as a cat. Fraser is now a happy healthy child, loves being out with his friends and attending everyday school activities such as being part of the school football team and his local Boys Brigade. He also drags his parents out early on a Saturday morning as he attends ice skating lessons with the hope to becoming a player with the local ice-hockey team.



John has been in the Police for five and a half years. John said, “I played in the battle of the badges last year, which we unfortunately lost, so I’m looking forward to putting that right this year! That aside it’s also great to be able to pitch in and help raise funds for The Archie Foundation who do a power of work for children and their families in the local area and beyond. I’m also looking forward to the match itself so I can get an opportunity to walk out with my mascot as well as hopefully have a crowd to play in front of, which we couldn’t last year for obvious reasons.”


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Ryan Mair and Gregor O’Neill 




Ryan is nine years old. He loves football, football and football. When in RACH for an outpatients appointment Ryan was drawn to the Battle of the Badges poster. He was nervous asking about it but when he found out more info about he couldn’t wait to sign up. He plays for Turriff United Youth Football club. His favourite teams are TUFC and The Dons, his favourite player is Ramirez! Ryan’s mum said, “When I explained what the fundraiser was, Ryan felt excited to be part of it and told me he wanted to help raise money for the Archie foundation to help sick children. Ryan has recently fell in love with his bike again and he wants to do a sponsored cycle as part of his fundraising.”



Gregor told us, “I am a Manchester United fan and have enjoyed playing football for as long as I can remember. This is my first time playing Battle of the Badges and I’m looking forward to helping such a great cause!”


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Brayden Walker and Barry Peden




Brayden has been a patient at Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital from birth. He was born with end stage renal failure and had a kidney transplant in 2015. He is a little bundle of energy, he enjoys being outdoors, he’s a HUGE Aberdeen fan. He loves buses, science, being a book worm and all emergency vehicles!! He shouts “WOO WOO” at the topic of his voice, any time he sees one. But he especially loves the police!



Barry has been in the Police for six and a half years and currently work within the CID. Barry said, “This is my second year playing in the Battle of the Badges, hopefully this year we can beat Team Fire. More importantly though, I want to help raise money for The Archie Foundation and give the mascots a day they will enjoy and remember.”


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Jayden Stevenson and Martin Ross




Jayden is aged nine and loves football. His favourite teams are Hearts and Manchester United. His favourite player is Ronaldo. Jayden is super excited to be part of Team Police this year and be partnered up with his player Martin!



Martin is 25 years old and has been a Police Officer for just over seven years. Martin told us, “I am based within Armed Response in Aberdeen. My first involvement in the Battle of the Badges was last year, taking a loss to Team Fire. I am looking forward to changing that this year whilst raising funds for the fantastic cause and sharing the experience with the mascots.”