Meet Lynne, Our Partnerships Manager!

Lynne, otherwise known by the Archie team as “Mrs Christmas”, chatted with us about what she gets up to day to day and Archie’s exciting plans for Christmas!


What is your job title? 

Partnership Manager

What do you do at Archie?

I work with all our Corporate Partners on fundraising and engagement activities this can include employee engagement and fundraising, philanthropic donations, and a whole variety of engagement events such as our Golf Day, Burns Night, etc. I am always happy to come and do lunch & learns or have teams in for tours of the hospital to see the work we do and the difference we make. It all goes to raise vital funds for all our services, encourage support for Archie and signpost people to services we offer to support them.

What is the most fulfilling part about your role?

The most fulfilling aspects are seeing the difference we make every day, often it is the little things like a grant for a bus fare to an appointment or the smile a gift from Archie’s Toy Box can bring. Also, the services many people don’t see like the relief of having somewhere to stay in our Parent’s Accommodation brings our families or the amazing work our Bereavement Support Team does in the most difficult of circumstances. Seeing our bigger projects such as The Baird Family Hospital come to life is also pretty amazing.

Do you have any highlights during your time at Archie?

There are so many as we get to engage with parents, families and NHS staff on a daily basis but some of the highlights include the joy of Santa visits and the excitement when you secure funding for a vital service such as bereavement activity days.


What does it mean to you to be part of Christmas celebrations at Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital?  

I love Christmas and Christmas at the children’s hospital should be special for our patients, families and the staff who work here. It is also a time when people think about us and want to give, so its key for us to let people know exactly how their money and donations will make a difference.


I love it when you see kids faces with the giant tree in reception, or when Santa visits or Christmas activities for our bereavement team and hampers for our Neonatal staff – it just makes it an extra special time of year.

Meet Lynne, Our Partnerships Manager!