ARCHIE’s Hill Challenge

Event start date: 12 Jul 2021


The inspiration behind Archie’s Hill Challenge comes from longstanding supporter of The Archie Foundation, Dr Paul Fettes, who together with friends and family completed a 15 day relay to conquer all 130 of Scotland’s highest mountains in the summer of 2015. Their accomplishment led these remarkable mountains to become known as the “Archies”.

While a Munro is defined as any mountain over 3,000 feet (914 metres) irrespective of any measurable separation from neighbouring peaks, the Archies are defined as 1000 meter mountains which must include a 100m prominence.

While bagging an ‘Archie’ may not be on everyone’s bucket list we believe everyone has a hill in their head that they would like to conquer. Whether it’s the Broad Hill or Broad Cairn, The Law or Ben Lawers, Bennachie or Ben Nevis everyone can think of a hill that they’ve always wanted to climb and there’s no better time than now!

Sign up today to take part in Archie’s Hill Challenge and invite your friends and family to sponsor you to reach the summit of your challenge, helping to raise much needed funds to help support local sick children. Registration is free and if you raise £100 you will receive a hardback copy of the beautiful and inspiring “The Archies” by Paul Fettes and Friends.

This is a brilliant opportunity for you to explore Scotland’s great outdoors, to tick off a personal challenge and at the same time to make a real difference for local babies, children and families affected by illness.


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