Bungee Jump

Event start date: 13 Jul 2024

Are you ready for the closest thing to human flight? Experience the ultimate thrill with a bungee jump adventure a tHighland Fling Bungee in Killiecrankie! This heart-pounding challenge is perfect for adrenaline junkies and those looking to conquer their fears while making a difference.


How It Works:

  • Choose Your Date: This is available year-round! You can book your jump at a time that suits you or your team best.
  • Fundraise: Registration is free, with a fundraising target of £500.


Event Details:

  • Age Limit: 14+
  • Max Weight Limit: 145kg (22.8 Stone)
  • Min Weight Limit: 35kg (5.5 Stone)
  • No Height Restrictions


Why Join the Bungee Jump Adventure?

What better way to raise funds and awareness for The Archie Foundation than through this experience? Not only will you enjoy an unforgettable adventure, but you’ll also be supporting local children.


Additional Information:

  • Fancy Dress & Teams Encouraged: Add some fun to your jump by dressing up or forming a team!

Ready to take the plunge? Contact us at hello@archie.org.

Let’s make a difference together with every daring leap!

Event Details:


*Please note the fancy dress requirements set by Highland Fling: no heels, no wigs, hats or anything else that will easily fall off and no loose clothing such as capes or scarfs.

**Also avoid wearing walking boots or boots with high ankles as we need to put ankle cuffs on. Converse are fine and others that have a softer material but no hard boots.

Medical Advice for the Highland Fling Bungee Jump 

Please see below some issues that may restrict you from jumping. If you are unsure about jumping, you should consult your Dr. 

You cannot jump if you fall into any of the categories below. 

  • Pregnant: Congratulations! But sorry, you are unable to jump. Please come back once your child has been born. 
  • Neck, back and spinal injuries: Sorry but you are unable to jump. 
  • Heart conditions: Sorry but you are unable to jump. 
  • Alcohol and drugs: Sorry, no jumping if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

For any of the issues below please consult your Dr 

  • High blood pressure: Chat to your Dr and take their advice. 
  • Asthma, epilepsy or dizziness: Please consult your Dr. 
  • Leg injuries and eye injuries: Please consult your Dr. 
  • Over 65: We will need a letter from your Dr. 

If you are on any medication, please advise out staff on jump day. 

Local weather, Pitlochry is 3 miles from the Garry Bridge.