Aberdeen Neonatal Events 2024

Event start date: 21 Jul 2024

Event Details:

The Aberdeen Neonatal Unit will be hosting bi-monthly events at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital throughout 2024! This is a way to get everyone together, whether you were in the unit 1 week ago or 30 years ago!

We’re kicking it off in February and ending with World Prematurity Day in November! We are looking forward to seeing you throughout 2024.


  • 19th May – A chance to learn about our Neonatal Counselling Service!
  • 21st July
  • 22nd September
  • 17th November (World Prematurity Day)

Times and location:

1:00pm – 3:00pm in the McGillivary Room at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital.

Please email maisie.mann@archie.org if you wish to come along.

Any changes to times and locations will be updated here.


Neonatal Events