COVID-19 Emergency appeal


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To All Our Friends and Supporters,

We really hope that wherever you are, you are safe and well or at the very least doing as well as possible in challenging circumstances.

Covid-19 is impacting on everyone and the virus has created a perfect storm for charities. Wave after wave of fundraising events have been postponed or even cancelled. Fundraising streams are beginning to run dry.

Demand for our services, however, increases by the day.

It is vital that charities like The ARCHIE Foundation can ride out this pandemic and continue to provide support for our local communities. If not, the long term damage will be felt by all of us and crucially more so by our children.

Already we have seen a spike in emergency funding applications citing Covid-19. As death rates sadly begin to rise we are also preparing for an increase in referrals to provide support for bereaved children and their families.

We urgently need your help to fund the increased demand for these vital services, which is why we are launching a Covid-19 Appeal for NHS children’s hospitals in the North and North East of Scotland facing additional need as a direct result of Corona Virus.

Your donation will be used where and when it is needed most…

Be that providing emergency grants for families who are struggling financially – buying food, travelling to hospital and finding somewhere to sleep cannot be a stress-laden, additional pressure when your child is sick. Or be it funding the essential and necessary additional support that our incredible NHS cannot.

Your donation may even enable us to show appreciation and bring a little cheer to over-worked staff and volunteers at the frontline of this crisis through occasional treats and pick-me-ups.

Covid-19 may have wiped our calendar of events in the short term, but families, babies, children and our local communities need our help now more than ever and to deliver this

The ARCHIE Foundation really needs your support.

Please donate today and together we can ride out this storm and when the waves become ripples we can return to normality or perhaps somewhere quite close to that.

Any support you can provide from an individual, collective or corporate perspective would be hugely appreciated by not just The ARCHIE Foundation but by all those who benefit from our help. We are all now living in completely unprecedented times, which will require extraordinary efforts from each and every one of us.

The response from our ARCHIE team so far has been incredible and with your help we can and will continue to support local children, babies, and families when they need it most.

Get In Touch

Speak to our team about how you can help support sick children, their families and our NHS staff during the COVID-19 crisis.


Best wishes

David Wood, CEO

COVID-19 Emergency appeal