Staff we fund

Thanks to your donations, we can pay for NHS staff to attend advanced training events and conferences, helping their professional development and knowledge sharing, all of which will benefit the children they care for. These are extras above and beyond NHS core provision. We also fund several specialist staff posts in Grampian. You can read about them below.

Sarah Anderson

ARCHIE Play Leader

Sarah joined the team at Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital as ARCHIE Play Leader on 1st December 2018. While play is at the Centre of what Sarah does, the support she provides for young patients and their families is far more serious. Through play Sarah provides reassurance, company and comfort for young patients helping to keep their spirits up and their worries down. She supports children of all ages from babies to teens and from long-term patients with complex needs through to day-cases who can be in and out in a matter of hours with barely enough time to play a game of snap.

Sarah takes great pride in tailoring the support she provides making it a really special and meaningful experience for every child she supports.

Sarah is a key support for the medical team on the wards too, helping to distract children while doctors and nurses carry out procedures. She is also a great source of company, advice and support for parents who appreciate seeing a friendly and familiar face on the wards. Parents regularly feedback to Sarah and to ARCHIE how grateful they are for the guilt-free opportunities that her presence, attention and care affords them to take a break from their child’s bedside to grab a coffee or even a bit of rest for those who are staying in the ARCHIE Family Centre.

Lynn Fraser
ARCHIE Family Support Worker

Lynn has been the Family Support Worker in The ARCHIE Foundation Family Centre since 2009.

Lynn manages the centre, which has 19 rooms available to parents of children receiving treatment at RACH. The centre’s aim is to keep family close to their children while they are treated. This has been found to be hugely beneficial for children and parents.

RACH covers a large geographical area, and many families live hours from the hospital – as far afield as Orkney and Shetland.

Accommodation at The ARCHIE Foundation Family Centre is free of charge to parents and provided by donations to The ARCHIE Foundation. One night’s accommodation for a parent costs ARCHIE £20.00.

As well as the rooms, which are ensuite, the centre has a kitchen and lounge where parents can make and eat their own meals and rest when they can.

Lynn is at the heart of the service, not only ensuring the smooth running and administration of the centre, but also providing much-needed and appreciated support to families at a difficult and stressful time.

Chantelle Stewart
ARCHIE Paediatric Pain Clinical Nurse Specialist

Chantelle has been the ARCHIE Paediatric Pain Clinical Nurse Specialist since 2014. Without funding from The ARCHIE Foundation there would be no Pain Specialist at RACH.

Chantelle works with young patients dealing with acute pain at RACH, carrying out 2-3 rounds on the ward every day, as well as the patient assessment unit, post-operative patients and those in the high dependency unit.

Part of her role is also to train nursing staff in order to increase the number of nurses who have specialist skills in pain management at RACH, which of course has a clear benefit to patients and their families.

Chantelle also provides support for patients suffering chronic pain at a fortnightly clinic and also supports palliative patients. This is a vital service that makes a really important difference to children and families at the most difficult of times.

Chantelle provides The ARCHIE Foundation with an annual report on the impact of her work – the numbers of patients she has seen and the benefit it has provided them, their families and the clinical staff who work with them.

Malcolm Stewart
Co-ordinator, Grampian Child Bereavement Network

Grampian Child Bereavement Network (GCBN) is overseen by a board of 10 trustees and supported by 11 volunteers that supports children when they are bereaved.

The network provides a responder service whereby trained volunteers work directly with children and their families, offering support and guidance. They can refer children to counselling, signpost local and national services and provide a central point of referral for children who have been bereaved.

GCBN also provides information and support for parents, families, carers and professionals who are supporting a bereaved child or young person.

Malcolm Stewart co-ordinates this service, and his post is the only paid post in the organisation, funded in part by The ARCHIE Foundation.

Malcolm also arranges activity days, these days vary from craft making and keeping memories safe to dry ski slope tubing. All done so the children can enjoy a day away but also share their experiences with other people who have similar experiences, if they want to.

Malcolm’s role also includes the recruitment of volunteers for the charity.

The network also provides training for schools, teachers and other professionals, providing advice on how they can support children when a teacher or fellow pupils dies. Malcolm and the volunteers work closely with the police, too.

  • Chantelle is brilliant with the children. Helping them manage their pain makes such a difference when they are recovering from surgery. Thank you ARCHIE for everything you do.

    Jessica and Kate's Mum