• Marathon March!

    Walk or Run a mile every day in March to complete an Ultra Marathon of 31 Miles!

    Have fun and go the distance all whilst raising money for The ARCHIE Foundation.

  • ARCHIE’s Raise-olution

    Whatever your resolution, why not give yourself added determination to achieve your goal by inviting your friends and family to sponsor you and help raise money for The ARCHIE Foundation into the bargain. Find out more and sign up here

  • Gift of Support

  • Welcome to The ARCHIE Foundation

    We’re the official charity of Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital. With your help, we buy specialist equipment, provide parent accommodation, create amazing hospital environments, enhance staff training, buy toys, fund research, provide specialist staff and respond in emergencies.

  • ARCHIE Family Centre

    The ARCHIE Family Centre provides free overnight accommodation so parents can stay close to their children at RACH. The centre also has a kitchen and lounge, too.

Help us make the difference

We buy specialist equipment, support families, create amazing hospital environments, enhance staff training, buy toys, fund research and provide specialist staff. Supporters just like you make all of this possible.

We need your help – can you fundraise, volunteer, support our events or donate? There are lots of ways you can support us. Find out more about what we do and how we help make the difference to local sick children.

  • Making the difference

    'The ARCHIE Foundation provided accommodation for me when my daughter was admitted to hospital unexpectedly. Being able to stay close to her made such a difference to us both.'

    Fiona Blyth, Fraserburgh