The American-Scottish Foundation is a valued partner of The ARCHIE Foundation. Based in New York, the ASF is an international not-for-proft organisation that exists to establish links and strengthen ties between Scotland and the USA, supporting social, cultural, educational and business activities.

They support us by linking us with organisations and individuals in the USA who have ties with Scotland and, although living abroad, want to support The ARCHIE Foundation and the work we do across the north east of Scotland.

This partnership is really important to us, and relationships we have built through our ties with the ASF have funded projects such as xxx.

And, on the other side of the Atlantic, the ASF have helped us arrange places, transport, accommodation and activities when we take runners to the New York City marathon each November.

They have also organised places for us in the annual Tartan Day parade and events, allowing us to build links with international donors and supporters, and grow awareness of the important work we’re doing here in Scotland.

Charity begins at home, and the ties of home are strong for lots of ex-pats across the world, and that’s something that The ARCHIE Foundation is keen to build on in order to make the most of all the funding opportunities open to us, at home and abroad.

As well as supporting the creation of child-friendly, age-appropriate hospital spaces and funding projects to transform healthcare for Scottish children, our international supporters receive significant tax benefits when they make donations to our charity.

We’re proud to work with the American-Scottish Foundation and value the support they give us to help make the difference to children and their families.