We know that bereaved children and young people often feel very isolated, as they may not know another bereaved child or young person. Our activity days aim to address these feelings of isolation by providing an opportunity for bereaved children and young people to meet others with shared experiences. Children and young people do not have to talk about their loss, unless they wish to.


Parents or carers need to accompany their child, arrangements are in place so that the adults can meet others and enjoy a chat over a cuppa. Having the adults remain, provides the child with a sense of reassurance especially if they are struggling with anxiety.


Activity Days offer a range of fun activities, in the past we have gone tubing, abseiling and hill walking (but not all on the same day!). We also run sessions for seasonal activities at Easter and Christmas and our craft sessions, including “Keeping Memories Safe”, are always popular.


Our staff, volunteers and committee members attend the event and are on hand to support both children and adults. They are available to have a chat with parents if they feel they need some advice or support about their child.


Activity Days are free to attend, and all craft materials are provided free of charge. Some children attend all of the events while others only choose to attend particular days. It is whatever suits the individual family.


To register for a place families need to email Malcolm.Stewart@archie.org to ensure we know who is attending. We realise how hard it is for families who attend for the first time, therefore efforts are made to make contact with them by phone so they have a named contact to ask for on the day.