Aberdeen Mum Shares Shock of Toddler’s Cancer Diagnosis

An Aberdeen mum has described how her life has been “turned upside down” after her two-year daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia in November.


Nadia Hopkins, who is a Senior Staff Nurse in Orthopaedic Trauma nurse at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, first noticed all wasn’t well with her daughter Molly, when she was limping at nursery. A trip to A & E showed that Molly had broken her leg two weeks earlier, but Nadia was assured it was healing well.


Unfortunately, as the weeks passed Molly’s leg showed little sign of improving despite follow-up hospital visits. Then in November, blood tests revealed the devasting news that Molly had blood cancer.



“Our life was instantly turned upside down. It has changed forever,” said Nadia.


“Molly started treatment straight away and we were in hospital for 48 days – over both her second birthday and Christmas. She had lots of complications, which needed MRI scans and emergency treatment. She didn’t really speak for those first few weeks in hospital. All she kept saying was ‘no do me’ over and over,” added Molly’s mum.


Now back at home with her mum and dad, Lewis, the family is taking each day as it comes. Molly’s treatment has currently been paused as her blood levels are too low.


“It’s all been such a shock. We’re still trying to come to terms with it. People say to me that it’s good that I’m a nurse because I understand what’s happening but sometimes, I think that makes it worse.” said Nadia who has praised the support that she’s received from staff at the hospital and the wider community.


“The nurses and staff at the hospital have been fantastic with Molly. Although she wasn’t well enough to do very much while we were there, the team at The Archie Foundation came around with the Aberdeen Football team and the panto cast, which was a welcome distraction. The play team also keep her entertained when we go back for outpatient appointments,” she said.



The wider community has also rallied around the family. Bon Accord Care, where Nadia’s sister works and which also cares for Molly’s grandmother, raised £500 to help support the family’s care costs. Molly’s dad, who is an Aberdeen Football Club season ticket holder, was presented with a cheque from The Pittodrie Bar and Molly’s nursery is also planning to host a fundraising event.


The family is hopeful that Molly’s treatment will resume soon. She then faces two and a half years of chemotherapy including chemo into her spine.


“At the moment Molly is up and down. We just have to take each day as it comes. Thankfully we have a really good network around us including Lewis’s mum, my mum and my three sisters so that makes a big difference. The staff at the hospital are doing all they can and we’re so grateful to everyone in the community for their support,” added Nadia.


Aberdeen Mum Shares Shock of Toddler’s Cancer Diagnosis