Ninewells staff to get a lot hairier after accepting Beards for Bairns challenge

Staff at Ninewells Hospital are set to get a lot hairier after being nominated to grow a beard for charity.

Nursing staff and young patients at the children’s hospital have challenged male staff to sprout hairs on their chins as part of the ARCHIE Foundation’s Beards for Bairns campaign.

Men are encouraged to grow a beard from Christmas Day until January 25 while raising money for the official charity of the Tayside Children’s Hospital.

Those already with a wealth of facial hair can still take part by styling what they already have into a fun or eye-catching design.

Women can also get in on the fun – not by growing a beard – but by nominating mates to take part.

If the nominee chooses to accept, their nominator is asked to donate to kickstart their fundraising. If the nominee declines, they’re asked to donate to ARCHIE as a forfeit.

Suzie Byer, senior charge nurse of Ward 30, and play specialist Maxine Steele have challenged paediatrician Jamie Thomson, consultant Buddhi Gunaratne, registrar Robin Oswald and Dr Henry Preston – who have accepted.

Suzie Byer, senior charge nurse at Ward 30 Tayside Children’s Hospital, nominated paediatrician Jamie Thomson and she expected other staff members to have a lot of fun with the campaign.

She said: “I’ve nominated Jamie to take in the challenge and I look forward to seeing his progress.

“Jamie already has a bushy beard but I can’t wait to see him style it into a goatee.

“I hope other wards can get on board and it’s a great way for women to join in with what is a male-orientated challenge. Hopefully fellow girls can have a bit of fun suggesting weird and wonderful beards for the guys to style.

“The ARCHIE Foundation is doing a fantastic job in helping to make the lives of children in hospital a whole lot better. Beards for Bairns is a fun and easy way to raise money to help reach their goal.”

Jamie said: “I usually just let my beard grow and I’ve never really considered styling it – but I’m up for the challenge and its all for a great cause, so why not?”

“The ARCHIE Foundation does a lot of good work helping to improve the lives of sick children while in hospital so I’m happy to do anything I can to help reach their fundraising goal.”

Anaesthetist Craig Cumming, children’s theatre worker Ewan Haines, young patient Owen and dad Alan, fellow patient James and registrar Alex Eros help launch Beards for Bairns at the Tayside Children’s Hospital.

In Ward 29, young patients Owen and James nominated theatre staff to take up the challenge.

Anaesthetist Craig Cumming, children’s theatre worker Ewan Haines and registrar Alex Eros will ditch the razors for the next month.

Ewan (pictured) urged others across Dundee and the local area to get on board too.

He said: “A new age-appropriate children’s theatre will make an incredible difference to young patients here at Ninewells.

“What better way to help fundraise than simply growing a beard for Beards for Bairns?

“It shows small ways to fundraise can help make a big difference to the likes of Owen and James who will benefit from specialist child-friendly spaces.”

Participants can sign up individually or part of a team at