Meet Cassie, Our Grampian Regional Fundraising Officer!

We sat down with Cassie McGunnigle, our Grampian Regional Fundraising Officer to ask her about her role at The Archie Foundation and all it entails!


What is your job title? 

“My job is Regional Fundraising Officer”


What do you do at Archie?

“I am responsible for leading on fundraising activities and events that are community focused, guiding supporter led fundraisers and fostering relationships with our supporters. I also engage with community groups about the work that we do. Some of these include schools, churches, clubs, volunteers and supporters.”


What is the most fulfilling part about your role?

“The most fulfilling thing about my role is supporting people who want to channel their energy and experiences into a fundraiser that is meaningful to them. Many of our supporters have had direct experience with our support and services, and so their motivations are very heartfelt. Even those who fortunately haven’t had to use our services and still choose to fundraise for us are always so passionate and driven to make a difference. It’s a privilege to work with our incredible supporters.”


Do you have any highlights during your time at Archie?

“A highlight of mine is probably this year’s Battle of the Badges. It was my first year organising it and I loved every minute of it; and off the back of it, myself and some of the players launched the first ever ‘999 Ball’ June was a very busy month!”

Meet Cassie, Our Grampian Regional Fundraising Officer!