Remi Martin



Remi joined the team in July 2022 and provides support,
advice, and guidance to parents and carers who are supporting a bereaved child in the Highlands region.

Remi has spent many years supporting bereaved families – She has worked with
local charities and organizations that provide professional support to those who
have suffered a bereavement. She has organized events to bring bereaved people
together, providing a space to network with their local community, connect and
provide peer support.


Currently, in the Highlands, we can provide our book gifting
service and other resources for families following the death of a loved one.


“I have worked with children and young people or over 10 years and have a passion to see them thrive despite difficult life experiences. The last 5 years my experience of working with children has been in the Highlands so I feel extremely privileged to be able to support children and families in this wonderful community. Grief and death is never an easy topic to speak about with anyone, let alone children, but as part of my role at Archie’s Child
Bereavement Service, I will support families to encourage children to talk about grief in an open and honest way, at the child’s pace.”