Jessica Doran-Mackie

‘Jessica was due the 29th March 2012. On the 15th February at 33+6 weeks during what i thought would be a normal anti-natal appointment I was sent straight to AMH with suspected pre-eclampsia soon after a scan ans some tests it was confirmed I had moderate to severe pre-eclampsia and was informed that i may be leaving hospital with a baby!

I was given councelling by a paediatrician where i was told the baby may not be breathing when its born. After 4 12 hourly steroid injections, my labour was started artificially and 16 hard hours later,On Saturday the 18th February 2012, The beautiful Jessica was born at a tiny 3lbs 14oz breathing by herself! After a quick cuddle Jessica was taken to the neo-natal unit where i was told she may be staying for a good few weeks. She was slightly jaundiced and under a uv light, still breathing by herself, she just needed help keeping warm and feeding. 2 days later Jessica pulled her feeding tube out and started taking milk herself.

The next day the nurses started to turn down the temprature in her incubator. The following day she was moved into a hot cot and i was told there was no need for her to be there any more! The next day, only 5 days after her birth, Jessica was discharched from the neo-natal unit and moved into the post natal ward with me. Jessica and I were discharged from AMH 2 days later and shes been getting bigger and stronger every day. Although still small now, Jessica is vey determined and has a BIG personality and lots of attitude!’