• Marathon March

    Walk or Run a mile every day in March to complete an Ultra Marathon of 31 Miles!

    Have fun and go the distance all whilst raising money for The ARCHIE Foundation.

  • ARCHIE’s Raise-olution

    Whatever your resolution, why not give yourself added determination to achieve your goal by inviting your friends and family to sponsor you and help raise money for The ARCHIE Foundation into the bargain. Find out more and sign up here

  • Friends of the Neonatal Unit

    Friends of the Neonatal Unit joined forces with THE ARCHIE Foundation in 2016. We are the official charity of Aberdeen Maternity Hospital’s Neonatal Unit for premature and sick babies.

Friends of the Neonatal Unit

Having a baby is a life-changing experience. If you do find yourself and your baby in the Neo-Natal Unit it most probably means that your little bundle has been born too early or too sick and, no matter the outcome, there are challenging times ahead and we want to support you.

Some babies spend a few days in the Unit whilst others need specialist care for longer.  Our supporters help us to provide the extras that make life as comfortable as possible for families, for however long they need us.

Our committee is made up of parents and nursing staff who want to give something back to the Unit by supporting the professionals who provide such a high standard of care.