Your donations fund equipment within the hospital as well as for children to use at home or school, including:

  • Specialist trikes/bikes
  • Weighted blanketsĀ 
  • Cough AssistĀ machinesĀ 
  • Specialist swimwear to protect children with Hickman lines
  • Weighted vests
  • Sensory rooms
  • Monitors to track seizures
  • Oncology thermometers
  • Brady buggy for taking children to and from theatre

To find out more about the difference your donations make to local children, click on the Impact stories button, or Donate to support our work in the Highlands.

  • Lily was born with a condition that affects her hands and so she can't use the brakes on a normal bike. The ARCHIE Foundation provided a bike with brakes that Lily can operate with her feet, and now she can go cycling with her friends. Her self-esteem and confidence has improved enormously. Thank you!

    Lily's Mum